Welcome to Connors Programming Primer!

Here we will be talking about how to use c# to program, as well as talking about the language of c#.

Here is a list of what we will be going over in this primer:

A brief overview of c#

Pronounced "see-sharp" c# is a programing language created by Microsoft that is very similar to c++ and java. C# is an object-oriented programming language and is very efficent because the user has the ability to build off existing code instead of needing to repeatedly type out the same code. c# was designed to be used with Microsoft's .Net platform.

How to create a program

The two types of programs we will be focusing on in this primer will be console programs and Windows Form Programs. Both of these programs will be creatyed in Microdoft Visual Studio. Microsoft Visual Studio id an IDE or Integrated Development Enviroment, what this means is that you can type your code, debug the code you have written to find out where you have problems ion your cosde allowing you to fix them and finally Microsoft Visual Studio allows you to "drag and drop" items like text boxes or picture boxes into your windows form on screen speeding up the design process.

We will start with creating a Console Program:

After you have opened your first Microsoft Visual Studio program you willse a window a bunch of writing in diffrent colors as well as may brackets. this is your program and right now it really wont do anything if you try and use it. To begin your journey towards creating your first program locate this string of text:

static void Main(string[] args) { }

now wht you want to do is type in the following lines of code:

Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); Console.ReadLine();

What we have done is coded our first program! To try out your programmand check for errors click ont the green play arrow in the middle of the top toolbar. When your program opens it should Display "Hello World!" in the console.

Next up is how to crate a Windows Form Program:

How to create output

Createing output can be as simple as using the computer to display text like we did with our first console program. Createing output can also be as comp[lex as outputing picturers, videos, and more.

Creating Console Output:

Our first console program is a perfect exaple of creating output. To understand how to create output we will take a look at our first program.

the line of code we used to get output on our program looked like this:

Taking a look at this line of code we see the three main parts: